Who is behind BLACK XL3NC?

We are Tamika and Idris, a Mother and Son team from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.

What is BLACK XL3NC?
BLACK XL3NC is a 100% Black Owned Streetwear brand that celebrates Black Entrepreneurship, Black Ownership, Black Wealth, Black Love and Black Excellence. Our mission is to inspire more of the African Diaspora to take control of the narrative through building REAL generational wealth and setting building blocks in place for our children’s children to thrive. We hope to build a strong community of people who support each other through the sharing of information, resources, and connections.

After the summer of the George Floyd/Black Lives Matter Protests, I felt drained. The mental exhaustion of seeing “it” happen over-and-over again was taking a physical toll on me and I knew that it was taking a toll on others as well. I wanted to create something powerful, something that reminded us of our true greatness…long before many of us we were ripped from our home. The words that came to mind were Black Excellence. At that time, my son’s 3rd birthday was approaching, and I knew that this brand was something I wanted to share with him. With his 3rd birthday in mind and a few sketches on a notepad BLACK XL3NC was born.

BLACK XL3NC is ground by three core principles:

  • Community/Family – building stronger communities through supporting black initiatives, business, and non-profits
  • Black Economic Freedom – ensuring the black dollar circulates within the black community longer to enrich black businesses, black families, and black causes.
  • Legacy – passing down culture, education, financial literacy, assets, and wealth to our youth so they can thrive and grow.

Keeping these three core principles in mind we hope to uplift and inspire everyone we meet and remind them that BLACK XL3NC AIN’T NOTHING NEW, WE BEEN HERE!